Elder Wisdom Mapping

Where do you seek wisdom — from others? From nature? From words, objects, and perhaps even sounds? When we take time to reflect of this question, we realize that we can learn from everything around us.

This activity was created by folks at the Library of the Great Lakes. Visit their website at to read and complete the full activity.

This is a brief summary:

    1. Create your own map of where you seek advice, wisdom, and realizations in your life by writing seven categories at the top of a page: People, Places, Nature, Words, Objects, Sounds, Other (write your own).
    2. For each category, list sources of wisdom for you personally.
    3. Consider or write the wisdom you received from each source.
    4. Reflect on your chart and consider what wisdom you want to share with others about the value of place, nature, the Great Lakes, and people in your life.

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