Wisconsin Great Lakes Champions

Wisconsin’s waters have some incredible friends – from environmental artists, to underwater archaeologists, to community leaders, and more. Learn about the identities of some of our very own Great Lakes advocates, and get inspired to make waves in conservation.


Milwaukee is a key Wisconsin city built on water. Listen to community members speak about what these natural spaces mean to them.

People of the Sturgeon

This story map explores “People of the Sturgeon,” a book celebrating the individuals and communities that love and have worked to protect this ancient Great Lakes fish.

Peter Annin

Wisconsinite author Peter Annin has written multiple books on the Great Lakes. This article highlights his 2023 release about wastewater.

Beth Palma

A photographer who is  “called to the greatest of the Great Lakes.

Photo by Megan Monday

Mary Dougherty

Meet an author, artist and environmental activist, drawn to capture her community’s relationship with water.


Love Wisconsin

Love your lakes? This digital series highlights folks who feel the same and have built lives on the water.

The Water We Swim In

This podcast uplifts Great Lakes voices. Some favorites include Reconnecting Through Books, Water Is life: Lake Winnebago, and Lead Paint, Pipes, and Progress in Milwaukee.

Great Lakes Champions

This episode of “Teach Me About the Great Lakes” sits down with John Hartig, author of “Great Lakes Champions,” a book highlighting grassroots environmental stewardship.

The Flow Project

The Flow Project brings young Wisconsin artists together with water professionals to create environmental artwork.

Voices of the Coast

Voices of the Coast video series highlights individuals who have helped shape Wisconsin’s coast. Dive into some of our favorite stories.

Bimaadiziwin Nibi – Water is Life

Indigenous communities have long been Great Lakes Champions. Read about upper Midwest tribe’s efforts to protect water, which is life, here.

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