Programming Ideas for Wisconsin

Be sure to start by exploring our list of programming ideas for everyone in the Great Lakes watershed. Then, if you’re longing for a local lens, we’ve included some additional Wisconsin-specific resources and ideas to dig deeper.

  1. Embark on a Great Lakes Quest of coastal topics in Wisconsin.
  2. Get to know the food webs that make up our state’s Great Lakes, Superior and Michigan. Once you’ve explored, try drawing your own.
  3. Going fishing? Be sure to download the Wisconsin Fish ID app, grab a net, head to your favorite body of water and search for species to identify. (Be sure to get your fishing license first!)
  4. History floats your boat? Watch this video about the over 700 ships lying underneath Wisconsin’s Great Lakes.
  5. Listen to the sounds of a lake sturgeon, a key Wisconsin Then, write about your experience. How did the audio make you feel? What do you wonder about?
  6. Virtually visit the Sturgeon Bay Pierhead Light on Lake Michigan, an important piece of Great Lakes culture and history.
  7. Dive into the stories and science of the St. Louis River Estuary, the largest coastal freshwater wetland ecosystem on Lake Superior.
  8. Use this map to learn Ojibwe place names and perspectives on Wisconsin’s waters.
  9. Play the Waterscape game and choose the future of Milwaukee, a city built on water.

Want to dive deeper? 

  1. Consider getting your hands wet and becoming a Wisconsin volunteer water quality monitor.
  2. Are you an educator? Teach your students about how water shapes Wisconsin, and join the flow with these Great Lakes Small Streams activities.
  3. Borrow one of our Great Lakes education kits and have fun exploring topics like invasive species, plastic pollution and Great Lakes fish.
  4. Host a library BioBlitz in October – get outside and get to know the wild things around you!
  5. Create a community of Water Walkers and connect with kids all over the watershed.
  6. Play the Meet me at a Great Lake game.
  7. Words and Water for the young and the young of heart. Coming soon!

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