Meet Me at a Great Lake

Break the ice and make new friends by playing a game!

Designate five areas, one for each Great Lake, and place a simple sign with a Great Lakes name. Gather everyone in a group in the middle. The leader calls out each of the prompts and participants run to the appropriate sign. The leader continues to call out prompts, mixing up the groups until everyone has a chance to meet a few new friends.

  • Everyone who loves to fish, meet in Lake Huron.
  • Everyone who loves to swim, meet in Lake Michigan.
  • If you have ever gone ice fishing, meet in Lake Superior.
  • If you love snow, meet in Lake Erie.
  • Have you seen the Wisconsin River? Meet in Lake Superior.
  • Have you ever been to Canada? Meet in Lake Ontario.
  • Are you afraid of Canada geese? Meet in Lake Erie.
  • Have you been in a canoe or kayak? Meet in Lake Huron.
  • If you like to read, meet in Lake Michigan.
  • Can you ice skate? Meet in Lake Ontario.
  • If you like water bugs, meet in Lake Erie.
  • If you know what a cattail is, meet in Lake Huron.
  • Do you love to play on the beach? If so, meet at Lake Michigan.
  • Feel free to make up new prompts until everyone has a chance to mingle.

About the Great Lakes